Trip to jaisalmer


Road trips on bike are the best possible way to get out of cities hustle bustle and feel the fresh air hugging you. I am a part of this big IT industry or you can call me an ‘IT slave’. Jostling the work pressure from Monday-Friday and handling the releases make my inner self crave for space away from all this and this is when a trip like these plays an important role to bring me close to my self.

Something like this happened last Spring. Tired with release work pressure from over a month I decided to gift myself sometime and called upon my childhood friend to accompany me. Since I rarely got time to use the bike for daily commute, my bike was screaming maintenance and I being the busy IT guy had no time for garage trips and then I started searching online for bike service at home solution. Keeping in mind the tight work schedule and shortage of time, I decided to avail Online bike service solution. The service boy from BikesAndRiders deserves a mention here as he not only saved me time but provided me some very useful tips for bike maintenance. I and my buddy both started on a trip to Jaisalmer on early Saturday morning. We started early in the morning to cover maximum distance before the city comes to life. It was dawn and the entire city was sleeping while we roared on our bikes. Early morning fresh air was whispering in my ear and the stars were bidding adieu as their duty for the night was over. Soon we were on the highway and the road in front of us was more wide and beautiful.

We drove for next 4 hours and then stopped at small roadside dhaba on Delhi-Jaipur highway. It was 10 am now and we were still KMs away from our destination. Travel at day time gets tough as you face heatwaves. We were relieved that our bikes appeared to be in perfect condition and ready for a long journey ahead. We settled on for some snacks and tea and then resumed our journey after half an hour break. Thereafter we continued for the next 6 hours filled with enthu to reach the Jaisalmer. While we moved closer to our destination, the landscape around us started to change. The Aravallis disappeared gradually and were replaced by views of sand dunes. Made famous by Bollywood songs these small mountains of sand were nothing but majestic. I felt alive and my daily struggle felt so small in front of this vastness of nature.

Finally we were at Jaisalmer. I felt mesmerized by the beauty it beholds. All I could see was sand and decorated camels adorning the sight. It was 6:30 pm now and we were in front of our tent in Thar that we have booked for our stay in desert. Away from the chaos of Delhi and our own mundane life we were enjoying the warmth of Jaisalmer on cold Saturday night. The sky was covered with the blanket of stars and while I lay on my bed I felt a deep calmness inside. This journey was just a comma in the script of life.