How to prepare for long road trip

Bike Break Down

So, are you planning a road trip away from your city and close to nature.
Here are some tips and things you need to carry along with you for a better experience.

Get your bike ready for a road trip with the following steps:

1. Get your bike serviced before 4-5 days and use it in the daily commute, this will help you to discover any problem your bike has and avoid surprises on the road trip. To avoid garage trip and save time, you can choose Online Service Provider.
2. Always check indicator/ horn.
3. Check Front and Rear brakes. If you are traveling to hill station check they should not be older than 3k km.
4. Ask your mechanic to remove the tyres and clean the brakes and the drum.
5. Ask the mechanic to check all the nuts and bolts of the bike.

Things you need to carry for your bike:

1. Spark plug
2. Clutch Wire
3. Extra tube if your bike tires are tubed
5. Speed Wire
6. Engine Oil for a top-up if it’s a long trip > 2k KM.
7. Fuse
8. Chain lube and make sure to lube it after every 500-800km, you can refer our chain lube guide here.

Things you need to carry for yourself:

1. Get yourself equipped with Riding Jacket/ Pants/ Shoes.
2. Avoid carrying your luggage on Shoulders. You can use a saddle bag instead.
3. Carry sling bag to keep mobile/ sanitizer/ important papers (Bike & Bookings).
4. Power bank, as on road trip we use maps for directions which drain phone battery.
5. Elbow and knee guards to save you.
6. Use good quality helmets and visor should not have any scratches and change it if required.
7. Use good quality gloves.

So every time you plan for a road trip keep these things ready