Concerned about Bike? Here is the answer


    1. How do I request service for my bike?
    2. What is the process after service request?
      • Once you complete your service request we will assign a bike expert for you. His details will be shared with you prior to his arrival. He will visit your location.
    3. How does this work?
      • It works in 4 simple steps:
        • Book a service
        • Arrival of bike expert
        • Fixing of bike
        • Handover


    4. What are all services provided?
      • We are an online platform that helps you to book bike repair and breakdown problems online. Our bike experts will reach your location to help you with your bike.If ever you got stuck in the middle of the road due to Puncture/ Fuel Issues/ Any Other concerns feel free to contact us and we will provide you full support to take things further.
    5. Will my bike be taken to the garage?
      • If the service requested by you is minor like oil service or minor vehicle repair he will perform then and there. If it’s a major service like complete service, our expert will take your bike to the service station & deliver it back to you with an excellent condition.
    6. Why are the prices mentioned in estimated?
      • Prices mentioned in the application is estimated price based on your service request. During the inspection, if we find that your bike requires additional engineering works like spare parts replacement or additional servicing effort, actual price will vary. These additional services & change in price will be communicated to you & based on your approval we will process the task.
    7. What do estimated prices include?
      • Estimated prices include labor charge for General Service, Oil Service, Water service, Vehicle breakdown, engine work, denting & coating, repair, battery & wiring.
    8. How do I ensure that we will use only genuine spare parts?
      • Parts replaced will be genuine with company hologram and will be changed in your presence. Few spares will have a warranty period for which you can claim warranty if found not working within the warranty period. Batteries & other accessories which we have installed on your bike we will provide original company warranty certificates & bills.


    1. How can I be assured that quality products are being used?
      • Engine oil, Greece, distilled water for battery, spare, & batteries what our expert is using will be of highest quality. All the products what we are using will be from top & well-known brands. We will provide all the bills & related warranty certificate to you at the time of bike delivery.


    1. What if my bike model is not listed on the website?


    1. What if am not satisfied with my services?
      • We will put our maximum true effort to give you the best service. You will have 15 days warranty period for your bike for general service. In spite of this issue if you find any service/expert related issue you can raise an escalation to & we will revert back to you as soon as possible to resolve your concern.


    1. Want to share feedback?
      • You are always welcomed to share a feedback with us as you satisfaction is the top most priority for us. Call/Write to us on 8800880367 /



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