Bike Chain Cleaning

bike service chain cleaning

Role Bike chain plays:

We all know Bike chain plays an important part to keep your bike in running condition and if it breaks we all have only one choice and that is to drag it to nearest service center/ doorstep bike service/ neighborhood mechanic. Even knowing the importance of cleaning we tend to neglect cleaning it. The life of bike chain if maintained properly can last up to 25k KM without any problem but people who ignore it are forced to change it after 10k KM.

What happens if you forget to clean?

  • Your bike will consume more fuel, mileage will drop and you won’t be able to figure out why it happened and constantly blame your bike mechanic for less mileage and when you complain to service center they may ask to replace the chain which will cost you extra bucks.
  • Your ride won’t be smooth like before and you may hear a constant voice in the bike rear part which may embarrass you in front of your friends and colleagues.
  • The chances of Bike Chain break increase
  • The chances of wear and tear of parts increases.

Now, after understanding the role and problem that may arise if you forget to clean the chain, let’s focus on the important part of this article. That’s how to maintain the health of your bike chain.

How often to clean your chain?

It depends on multiple parameters which are unknown to many of us.

  • Area you live whether urban or rural.
  • The kind of road you travel daily and the climate.
  • It’s a must to clean chain after every 500-800KM ride irrespective of the area.
  • Always make sure that bike chain should not be in dried condition.

Cleaning of Bike Chain is a two step process.

  1. Chain clean.
  2. Lube the chain.

How to Clean the Chain:

1. You can either use petrol/ kerosene/ Chain Cleaner to clean the chain.

2. Spray any of the above item on chain and take a brush to clean the chain. Don’t forget to put some plastic sheet/ paper otherwise it will make the floor dirty.

3. After removing all dust wipe it with clean cloth, you should see the shine.

4. Avoid touching Sprocket from hand to avoid any mishappening.

How to Lube the chain:

1. Avoid starting the bike and put it in gear to lube, you must have usually seen the mechanics follow this technique to save their time.

2.  Manually rotate the tyre and lube it with chain spray or used engine oil so that it gets lubed uniformly.

3. Avoid using the Bike immediately after lube, leave it to get settled for half an hour.

After following the above-mentioned procedure your bike is ready to use. The cacophony of your bike will go away and you would be ready for a smooth ride.